Beginner's Meditation Course

Structured Meditation Course for Beginners


I'll be organising the next structured meditation course and the details are as follows:


Starting date           :         10 July 2014

Time                      :         7.30pm – 9pm

Venue                    :         Meditation Hall, 3rd Floor,

Chedi Dhammasathit Building, Palelai Buddhist Temple

Course Duration    :         12 sessions 

Frequency             :         Every Thursday


 This course is aimed at those who would want to gain an insight into how Buddhist meditation can be applied to their daily lives to live a peaceful & happy life, and to manage their stress arising from pressures of work, family, ill-health, loss of loved ones etc.  Attendees do not need to have prior knowledge of the Buddha’s teachings or meditation training as the course is structured to introduce Buddha Dhamma and breath meditation in line with the teachings of the Forest Meditation tradition of Thailand. Instructions and course materials will be given in English and will include applying the Buddha’s instructions on breath meditation to develop calmness & peace of mind (samatha), and cultivation of insight wisdom (vipassana).  It follows the Buddha’s approach of gradual progression from the basic steps on to the factors leading to enlightenment.    


The course is free of charge and attendees are advised to come in comfortable clothes (loose pants, light shirts).  As the monastery is a sanctuary for celibate monks and the practice of modesty & restraint of the senses, ladies are kindly requested NOT to come in shorts (bermudas are acceptable), low cut blouses, or other revealing clothing.


For registration/enquiries, please send the completed form to or call at Palelai's administration office during office hours.


“The mind that remains unshaken; under the stroke of life’s changes,

 that is the highest blessing/protection” – Lord Buddha